Episode #2

Download Episode #2 here

Recorded 18/11/2010


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One response to “Episode #2”

  1. Southern Skeptic says :

    Hey guys. Really enjoying the show

    Here are some comments per theme.

    Teaching children to believe fairy tales:
    This is something I have struggled with. What we did with our children is that we talked about the easter bunny and father christmas when they were smaller. Now that my son is 5 I have started encouraging him to question things. Recently he asked whether the easter bunny was real, so I turned it around and asked him whether he thought the bunny was real – he said he didn;t think so. Same thing with father christmas, I have used it as an opportunity to teach him skepticism.

    I have also recently started reading him creation myths from all over the world – norse, greek, american indian etc. This I hope will innoculate him from brainwashing into the christian creation myths at school 🙂

    Richard Dawkins:
    I red the selfish gene, the god delusion and the greatest show on earth last year, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The greatest show on earth is one of the most beautiful and eye-opening books I have ever read. And of course the god delusion should be mandatory reading for everyone.

    Dungeon keeper two (the computer game) advertised itself as having an “easy to use point and smite interface” I wonder if yawheh has something similar?

    Genocide verses from the bible:
    Go check out http://www.bricktestament.com Someone went and modelled all of those verses (including the purity and anti-ghey stuff in leviticus) in lego. It is completely awesome. My favourite is the bestiality one (http://www.bricktestament.com/the_law/beastiality/lv18_23a.html remember to click the next arrow top right to check all the frames – I lol’ed)

    This is also a great example of Poe’s law – it is difficult to see immediately if they are making fun or not. Based on the overall tone of the site I think they are though.

    I really like the idea of the catholic exorcist ghost busters. “Who you gonna call? Father Dzirinev!” Hmm, seems to lack a certain something

    Anyways guys, well done and I will be listening to all of the episodes thus far over the next few weeks.

    Cheer vir eers

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