Episode #3

Primordial Soup in the Midlands

  • Pope changes stance on condoms
  • Gunther the nutcase in jail
  • Guest host Norm Bernard
  • Chariots of Iron
  • The Rapture
  • Religion good for keeping people in line

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3 responses to “Episode #3”

  1. Lenny Appadoo says :

    So far so good…I’m beginning to like!!!

  2. Southern Skeptic says :

    Hi guys

    Another interesting episode.

    Here are my comments per theme

    The pope:
    The vatican’s moral bankruptcy revolts me more each time I hear any of them speak. Ratzinger helped cover up pedo priests by redeploying them. Sis man. Even though that is an ad hominem attack I am still repulsed beyond words.

    Gunther and the penis of satan:
    Why didn’t he just slip a condom over it? right wing nutcase… btw I hadn’t heard of him until listening to your first podcast. Obviously I don’t read the right publications them. Maar hy laat ons almal sleg lyk, die kakhuis.

    Russia’s 2% church attendance:
    Communism supressed christianity (good for them), and that explains that statistic. I like nationmaster.com, I will definitely use that in the future.

    Nigerian scams:
    Check out http://www.419eater.com, it is a site dedicated to people scamming the scammers right back. It’s very funny, one thing they do is send scammers on safari (we’ll meet you in the next country as part of our chuch mission and give you some money, for instance).

    iron chariots:
    Matt Dillahunty and co (from the Atheist experience – a great cable TV show and podcast form Austin where theists call in and chat to a panel of very well read atheists) has a website that is meant to be an index of theistic arguments for the existence of a god, and the counter arguments to them. It is http://www.ironchariots.org, and was chosen because of that same verse. Check them out on Youtube, there are some briliant discussions up there. Anything where Matt blasts a theist is always worth a watch.

    Elevator monkey sex:
    I would certainly not do it. My personal morality (which is not religious in nature at all) would consider it to be a betrayal of my partner. Religion is a good way to control the herd though – Deon’s pig myth article illustrates the process very well.

    Bye for now…

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