Episode #4

Primordial Soup #4

  • Brian Coghlan & Dupreez DeVilliers
  • Faith vs Belief
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Westbro Baptist Bullshit
  • Elisha and the she-bears

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5 responses to “Episode #4”

  1. ilene says :

    Someone mentioned an 18th century no holds barred anti-catholic writer..first name John. Could you give me the author’s full name?
    I just found your podcast. It’s great. ilene (USA)

  2. ilene says :

    Thank you for for getting back to me. The book is great.

    You have a great show, but there is something that I hope you might consider. It’s the use of the word “retard”. In the US the word is generally no longer used in most settings. Generally speaking it is seen as a hurtful word that encourages a negative attitude and treatment of mentally challenged people.
    I don’t know if you have a large following yet in the US. I guess I’m just saying it could be a distraction from the issue at hand. It’s just a cultural thing and I’m not in any way commenting on the way the word is used in South Africa. Whether you use the word or not, I’m a devoted listener!! ilene USA

    • Dane says :

      Yeah, I caught on to this too. I’m listening from the U.S. I think it just may be the way he speaks, as an individual. We all have our favourite words (mine is “asshat”). 🙂

      Still, I do feel bad for any of the atheists listeners who happen to live with aspergers, for example, to have to be compared to religious nutcases who really are dumbshits. I have to remember that he probably doesn’t mean it that way and that it’s also possible that the word carries a different connotation in S.A. Otherwise, I find the content of the podcasts to be quite good.

  3. Basil says :

    Welcome Dane to our little bi-weekly quartet. We know a couple of ‘sheldon types’ and consider them fantastic people (once you get to understand the temperament of the aspergers individual).

    Nice to have a few U.S. citizens listening in, if you have any specific interests or points of discussion we’d love to add them to the show.

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