Episode #29


Download Episode 29 HERE

Deon battle-tests his new mace(video).

I put on my robe and wizard hat

Religious battles over Top Level Domains.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon dies.

Muslims fight over construction of Christian church in Bahrain.

American Atheists forced to take down billboards with death threats.

Catholic priest blames teenage boys for seducing their rapists.




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One response to “Episode #29”

  1. Anna K (@5t4r8uck) says :

    Had to leave a reply to something Brian stated and it has to do with armour. It is a myth that armour was so heavy that people couldn’t even move. In fact it appears that people could even swim in it (as difficult as it is to believe). The only time you couldn’t move is when you wore tournament armour. Battle armour however was not the same. In fact watching one of the latest QI episodes I have learned that the reason that it was done away with was due to the fact that the English longbow and firearms rendered armour pretty much useless.



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