About the Hosts

Deon Barnard


Deon Barnard was born in Newcastle South Africa. He spent his early childhood as an Anglican in Durban, then later moved with his folks to Johannesburg where they followed a Methodist tradition. Deon left school to become a missionary in Africa and Europe with the Covenant Players and then later a Pastor in the Charismatic / Pentecostal tradition back in South Africa.

From about 2007 Deon underwent a gradual process of de-conversion, his rational mind slowly gaining advantage over his faith until he could no longer deny his Agnosticism or his Atheistic conclusions.

Now Deon works as a training and motivational consultant mostly for large corporates and is an avid student of science and skepticism on the side (as well as a father of three, guitarist, war gamer, comic collector and cook, among other things).

In early 2010 he started a bi-weekly discussion group called “Rumble in the Pub” which is a public gathering, usually in a pub, where structured conversations around all things philosophical, skeptical, scientific and religious are held.

Brian Coughlan

Brian Coughlan was born in Ireland in 1965, moving to Apartheid South Africa in 1977, where he matriculated in 1983. After serving as a conscript in the South African Defence Force from 1984 to 1986, Brian returned to the European Union in 1987 were he toured with a Christian Theatre group in Germany for four years.

He completed his BSc in Information Technology from Trinity College Ireland in 1998. From 1996, he worked in management at a number of multi-nationals including AOL. In 2002, Brian and his family moved to Northern Europe, where he now works as a Business Intelligence Consultant.

From 2001 onwards Brian began to question the underpinnings of his Christian faith; this search was prompted by the Iraq war and the claim by George Bush to be a born again christian. After several years of self examination, extensive reading and lengthy discussions online Brian realised that his Christian faith had quietly dissolved. He’s happy to tell you all about it!

Get more of Brian on youtube at TheModestAgnostic

Anna Kouprieva

Anna Kouprieva






Charles Webster

Charles Webster



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